An Office in your pocket

Most people these days have a mobile phone, and in the business world, you need to be able to respond quickly. Having an office in your pocket makes sense. Here we shall look at the office 365 apps you can install on your phone.

Office suite

The full office suite of MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote are all available to install on your phone. You can log in with the same username and password as your Office 365 account. All your files update in real-time and so are ready to use when you switch back to your PC. If you want to fire off an email with a document attached, then linking your OneDrive to the outlook app will mean you can do just that.

Collaboration in your pocket

The apps for MS Teams, Yammer, and SharePoint can all be useful to collaborate with your colleagues back in the office. We talked about SharePoint in this blog here and MS Teams and Yammer here. If you use Delve, then an app for it is also available. This one shows you what your colleagues are working on.

Apps we recommend

One we find useful is MS Lens, this app works like a scanner. It does not leave a watermark which other scanning apps can do. It integrates with all your other MS apps too.

MS Flow which we spoke more about here, is another one to install on your phone. This will help you to automate things leaving you free to get on with more important tasks.

If you are the sort who likes to make lists then MS To-Do is a handy app. There is a widget too for those on Android.

Keeping you in control

Are you an administrator on your company Office 365 account? Then this MS 365 Admin app is just what you need.

Do you need to use someone else PC on-site? Then MS remote desktop will mean you can work in your office environment on their PC.

There are many more apps on the Play Store or iTunes, these are just for starters. Let us know what apps you have found useful in the Microsoft Office 365 range.