Authentication in 2-steps

Almost every service online these days looks to having a 2-step authentication process, to add that extra layer of protection. When it comes to your tax office, banking, and business data, then you will want to keep that as secure as possible. This is where the 2-step authentication process can come into force.

What is two-step authentication?

Also known as multi-factor authentication, 2FA or two-step verification. This is a method of adding a layer of security to your logins. The first layer is the password, but as these can easily be hacked, the extra layer comes from having a second verification process. This can be a code send to your phone number or your secure email. These codes can be set to expire within a certain time so that they become a one use. Each time you wish to access the service, you will need a new code.

When to use two-step authentication?

This is simple to answer! Any time the option to use multi-factor verification is available to you, you should utilize it.  Certainly, all your financial logins for banking, credit cards, and PayPal should have this implemented. Likewise, your cloud logins, such as Dropbox, which hold vital data, should have this extra layer of protection from hackers. Your password manager app should also be a place where you activate the two-step verification.

Office 365

Putting a multistep verification onto your office 365 account can protect the whole network. The administrator initially sets up the process. Then each user is asked to set up their own logins with how they would like the verification code to be sent. We strongly advise then downloading the Microsoft Authenticator app onto your PC, and phone, which will ease the process, especially if you travel a lot for business.

We recently had a client, who had not done this on their network, nor had they added BitLocker (read more here) and lost their laptops in a theft, not only was the hardware stolen, but all their data could be easily hacked into. A huge GDPR issue for them.

Google Authenticator

Google also has an authenticator app for your mobile phone and you can download it here for Android, and here for iOS.

If you would like more assistance with the setup of your two-step authentication on Office 365, please talk to us.