BitLocker and GDPR Data protection

Early last year, Brendon Lynch, Chief Privacy Officer, at Microsoft announced their commitment to the principles behind the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and to helping organizations successfully comply with these new rules. Various tools have since been launched through the Windows 10 updates. You can use them to help your company follow these new regulations. GDPR does not ask you to secure your whole drive as it applies to the personal data, you hold on others that needs encryption. However, we feel that secure all your data is a sensible idea and so look to using BitLocker.

What is BitLocker?

Windows BitLocker is a hard drive encryption tool that will protect the data on your pc, it integrates with the operating system to address any threat to data theft, or exposure from stolen, lost or retired from service computers.

Trusted Platform Module

You can get the most protection when you use BitLocker with a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) version 1.2 or later. The TPM is a piece of hardware, installed  by the manufacturer, in the newer computers. It works with BitLocker to help protect the data and to ensure that a computer is not interfered with even while the system is offline. You can still use BitLocker without TPM, however, this will mean using a USB key or PIN for user verification.

Two Partitions

You will need two partitions on your hard drive, as one part holds the encrypted data and the other the user verification passwords and keys. The process will help you set this up.

How to turn BitLocker on

Go to your settings and enter ‘Manage BitLocker’ in the search box, or look in the ‘System and Security’ section of the ‘Control Panel’ . Click to turn the BitLocker on and follow the instructions. Be very careful create a password that will secure, yet you will still remember. However, if you do lose the password, you can go through the BitLocker recovery. This will be on your Microsoft account, so, login online and then head to devices section to find the recovery key.

If you need help with BitLocker or advice with any of the other features that Windows can help you comply with GDPR, then please contact us.