Business telecoms and IT , how do they work together?

Business telecoms have advanced. Gone are the days of a traditional landline answered by a receptionist taking notes with pen and paper to pass along to the appropriate recipient. Today Information technology has streamlined business telecommunications and merged them.

Landline or VOIP?


You may have a landline into your premises for broadband and choose to use that for phone calls. However, using Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP), you do not need to pay line rental to have extra lines into the business. You use the one telephone line for the internet and make the calls over the internet.VOIP gives you a virtual PBX system on your PC, which your reception/ IT staff can administer. Going with VOIP will be an advantage. As you have just one landline in, it is a good idea to have the best connection you can afford; here are some options to consider.


Managing telephone calls


One number is used for the business, meaning your customers do not need to remember different numbers or know where in the country they are calling. Giving customers a freephone number also increases the likelihood of them calling.

Once the call comes in, the software will direct it to the right person to answer. Automatic recording or voicemail settings can be applied, so once the call connects, everything is set up. The recipient can then choose to take the call on their PC screen, reject it with a message, or redirect it. Once answered, the software can record the conversation and store it for future retrieval if necessary.



As this system is cloud-based, you can use whatever handset type you want. Choose from a traditional style desktop handset, to a headset and computer screen, to a mobile phone or tablet remote from the business premises. If your business grows, you can add a new member of staff device in minutes. If they become unavailable, removing their handset is instant. Adding and removing devices becomes easy to do.


Business telecoms and IT systems

Once we add in the capabilities of IT systems, the possibilities become almost endless! You can let the system automatically reject anonymous calls or create a block list. Much like the apps on your mobile phone, programs on your PC can automate communications for you.


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