Christmas Activities with Microsoft365 for the Holiday Season

Last year we gave you plenty of ideas of how to use Microsoft 365 for your Christmas. This year we are exploring Christmas activities you can use Microsoft 365 programs over the whole holiday season.

Keeping in touch

Skype, MS Teams and Outlook are the three go-to tools within Microsoft 365 for keeping up with loved ones and work colleagues across the country or globe. As we talk about here sharing your screen is easy and so is making a PowerPoint to share. Don’t forget to try out the new together screens in Teams for that all-important screenshot!

Organising a Christmas online quiz

And other Christmas activities

Using MS PowerPoint to create an online quiz and other Christmas activities is simple and fun. With a large array of Christmas themed icons to colour in. Or if you are creative, use a touch screen and pen to create your own dot-dot, or spot the difference. The PowerPoint show can be shared online over the Holiday season with colleagues, relatives and friends across the globe.

Making a Board Game!

Traditionally, in our home, we play board games at Christmas. With the ability to print on card, it has meant we can make our own board games up! A game of the year is extra special when it includes the events within your office or family. A snakes and ladders style game played on calendar pages is easy to print out with these templates already in Publisher and  Word. Though you can set your design team to invent something company based, who knows it could become a company product!

Make and give a personal Calendar

Take a photo each month of the family. Add them to a template on Publisher or Word before printing. You can give this to the grandparents, as a cheap and yet wonderful present, that will be appreciated. Keeping these over the years will give a record of all the highlights. For businesses, you can do similar for the office, however, play it safe with the bosses!

Other Christmas Activities

Planning next years Christmas, using an Excel spreadsheet for secret Santas, or card and present lists can save missing someone out. Microsoft To-Do is useful for checking off any tasks needed before the big day. Even making Christmas cards is simplified with Word and Publisher, however, you do need to buy the envelopes. Decorate your desk at work with a string of Santas, all with your colleagues face printed on, for instance!