Do you need a Managed Service Agreement?

What is a Managed Service Agreement, or MSA you may well ask!  Well, a Managed Service Agreement is a contract between your company and a company who provides Managed Services, such as an IT helpdesk.  These companies are known as Managed Service Providers, or MSP’s

The benefits to your company of a managed service agreement is that it enables you to outsource your IT Department making great savings or, if you are too small to justify employing a full time IT engineer, you can make use of an Managed Service Agreement or MSA to get all the benefits of a large IT Department with very little cost.

If you have 25 staff, employing a permanent IT engineer with any sort of qualifications could cost upwards of £24k.

Taking out a managed service agreement from a managed service provider like ourselves could give you access to far more resources and a better knowledge base from only £7,500.  A saving of £16.5k a year!

Some people think of it as insurance.  They see it as too risky not to have someone there and so take one out just in case.

I prefer to think of it as a retainer.  You, the client, are retaining our services for a fixed amount per month which scales on the size of your infrastructure.  You don’t need us all the time, but we are there if you do, not just in emergencies, but just to help you get the most out your IT and take over when you need us.

A Managed Service Agreement from a Managed Service Provider is a vital resource for any of your staff to make use of whenever they need it, helping them be as productive as possible without getting held up with IT issues!

If you think your company could benefit from a Managed Service Agreement (MSA) from a Managed Service Provider or just want to know more, give us a call on 0800 3317668 or email