Enterprise 365 for your Business

If you are in a business with a larger number of employees, then coordinating your teams, files and data become a larger task. This is where Office 365 for Enterprise can help you.

Starting with the Office suite of programs and apps, working on and offline. As with all the full suites across Office 365, each user can install on up to 5 PCs and 5 tablets and phones.

Business class email and calendars are essential in modern businesses. With Enterprise you get a 50GB mailbox and can send and receive files up to 150MB. Using Exchange means calendars are synced. You can see when your colleagues are available, and so schedule meetings directly into their diary. Attachments can be automatically saved into Onedrive.

Keep office texts separate using Yammer, a messaging service between all your users, across depts and sites.

Workflow is the tool for automating several tasks across the business, no coding required, it is as easy as the popular app IFTTT.


File storage with One drive is a breeze with 1TB per user. You can have unlimited storage solutions with higher numbers of users. The administrator manages this storage to allow more or less storage to individual users. Sharepoint is a great place to share company news, let colleagues know of progress reports, annual reports and events. It is basically your own company intranet.


Revolutionize meetings across your sites, with powerful tools.  Skype for business and Teams are the man two apps, Skype for business allows you to hold meetings with video and audio, plus share whiteboards, files, and images. Microsoft Teams is a powerful hub for your teams to collaborate on an individual or multiple projects. Sharing files, messaging, you can also make calls over the internet to colleagues. On a larger scale, you can broadcast meetings for up to 10,000 people. They watch through their browser and Yammer enables dialogue throughout.

Security and Data compliance

This is the area in which Office 365 for Enterprise really excels. Data is held on secured hard drives in high-security warehouses and backed up in multiple sites. Compliance with ISO 27018 and EU data protection directives are two of the ten such standards to which Office 365 adhere to. Backed with a with a guaranteed 99.9% uptime, financially backed service level agreement.

Office 365 Enterprise Plans

If you are considering Office 365 for Enterprise, then these are the four current plans.

Office Pro Plus

The entry-level with all the office suite apps included, though no business class email support.


The first tier of the Enterprise levels, although the full office suite is not included, it is available to use online, you still get the business class email, Teams, Skype, Yammer, Exchange, and Sharepoint


Includes all the goodies listed in E1, though with the security and compliance tools, such as legal hold, data loss prevention, and more.


This is the mighty workhorse beast as it Includes all the goodies listed in E3, plus the heavy-duty security, analytics, and voice capabilities.

If you feel you do not need the extra level of security and collaboration tools, the consider Office 365 for Business, which we discussed last month. Whatever Office 365 product you are considering, it is worth having a chat with us before going ahead. We can help point out the pros and cons before you purchase. Ongoing support and assistance are also available from ourselves.