Fall Creators Update

The new Fall Creators update to Windows 10 has been arriving on your computers, some of you have sat through the lengthy process and are now wondering what changed for you. Here are a list of the new features and what they can mean for you.

3D Photos and Paint

The photo app has been updated, along with the controversial Paint 3D. Paint is still around, but you may find progressing onto 3D Paint is the answer. With support for ink and pen inputs, your imagination to create and design is unrestricted. You can create 3D objects and then import them into photos, video, Word and even Excel spreadsheets for classier presentations. Struggle to draw 3D? Then Remix 3D has all the help and pre made objects to get you started. The photo app has the usual tools along with new filters, add text plus the ability to draw on your pictures too.

My People

This was developed and expected earlier this year with the Creator’s update, however it has had to wait until this Fall Creators update. This places your contacts right where you can get at them easily, on the taskbar. It is an easy click and choose how to contact them, either through skype, email or another app.  You can also share files simply, by just dragging them to the contacts photo on your taskbar.

Seamless continuity with your phone

Ok, so not everyone has a windows phone. Microsoft has recognised that and allowed integration with your Android and iPhone. You can forward websites, searches, and articles across to your PC screen for easier viewing and of course editing. There is also a Windows Launcher app, to bring Windows to your Android. With one click access to all your favourite Microsoft apps.


She is now available on your phones as an app and so is more fluid across to your PC with reminders and preferences saved across all your devices. She is also now allowed to shut down and restart your PC, with a voice command too.


Cloud services are great; however, they need to synchronize with your hard drive to allow you to access the contents instantly, this means using some of your hard drive space, defeating the object of saving them online. One Drive has a little trick up its sleeve, as you can now save files in OneDrive, and access them like any other file on your PC without filling up disk space.


Security has been beefed up too, with ransomware, virus, and real-time screening all updated to deal with new threats.

Much More

There are more features, so do explore and see what you can find. It may also be time to upgrade your PCs and laptops to work with these new developments.