Secrets to finding the right IT company for your business

Are you a new small or medium sized business who is thinking of outsourcing your IT as you expand? Do you need additional help with your computer/server hardware and software or  IT infrastructure as your company grows?

At Jolly IT, we are experts in consulting with you to make that transition, improve productivity and receive completely jargon-free and honest advice – so that the thought of expanding needn’t seem like one big headache.

There are many IT suppliers and consultancies around to choose from and they aren’t all the same – so where do you start? We pride ourselves in long term business relationships, and our amazing 96% customer satisfaction rating, and so we outline how Jolly IT works alongside you from first point of contact, and how we fit our service to suit your business. We believe that our high level of service is one of our key company attributes!

We provide an open an honest service

We want your first experience with us to be positive, too. To this end, we will initially arrange a meeting to visit you to truly understand about how your business works, and what your key priorities are.

This also gives us an idea about the systems you use, how they work within the business and how staff use them, how well the systems perform, and any issues they bring. We can also offer a free full IT audit so we know exactly what we’ll be supporting.  If there are any areas of concern that are highlighted by the audit then we’ll work with you to find out the best way to resolve them.

We will discuss how staff work, what equipment is to be supported, and what individual requirements might be, if needed. For example, you might have staff working from home and they will need IT support from home.

We will discuss your server options, and how well your internet and phone line connections perform, as well as your back ups and storage of your business information. (cloud backup and storage is currently a popular option, and we cover this in more detail on one of our online blogs.)

Streamlining the transition is obviously as important to us as much as you, and so covering how this can be achieved is also an important factor.

Putting a proposal together

Once we are happy with the projected requirements, Jolly IT will draw up a proposal to suit your needs. This will include a summary of how your business works (just to make sure we fully understand it) as well as some recommended support options. It will also include a monthly support contract to cover all of your staff, if you have requested this, or hourly rates and what these will cover.

Talk about the proposal

Once you’ve had an opportunity to go through our proposal, we can talk further about any other thoughts you may have or alterations required.

Becoming a client

Once all of the paperwork is agreed and signed, a start date confirmed, then we can begin to work with you by prioritising your IT needs, and ensuring a smooth transition. All the audit information we collect will be documented so that both parties have a record. This will be invaluable to our support team who will be able to access network diagrams and pictures to aid them in diagnosing and fixing any issues which may arise.

The future

We will constantly refer back to the documentation we produced during our initial audit, fixing your system’s weak points and moving you towards a simple, effective and reliable IT platform – one which accelerates your growth, rather than hindering it.

IT strategy isn’t just about everyone having a decent PC to work on, it’s about making sure you use the equipment you have in the correct way, protecting what you have produced so far, and planning on what to do should there be a major failure/fire or flood.

Of course, we can help with all your IT procedures and business continuity needs as well. From start to finish, we can help your IT transition.