GDPR 6 months on

By now a lot of you will have forgotten about GDPR after all the hype back in May. However, it is now approaching the time to check your processes and make sure you have not become complacent, as opposed to compliant. Here we shall run through some of the steps and explain how Office 365 can aid you with your GDPR compliance.

Using the Office 365 Compliance Manager

As a business user of Office 365, you will find the Compliance manager is a great place to start checking your data is secure and how you are doing across the organisation. If you are an administrator, then you can set which users you want to have access to this data. The tools will give you a score on each of the areas of compliance. In theory, you should be fully compliant by now, but if not, then you will see clearly which areas you need to address. There is a search facility for checking each piece of sensitive data and making sure that those files are compliant. If there is a need for an audit of this sensitive data, then a clear audit path for each file is available.

Data Loss Prevention

Prevent the loss of data by creating DLP policies in the compliance manager. These can send a warning to the user if they are accessing a sensitive file, to let them know that they should not email the file outside the organisation and can also alert the administrator with an incident report. Some files can be locked down so that the user requires an administrator to override the policy when a clear business purpose has been identified.

Changing passwords

Why not use this 6-month check to change passwords on your accounts. This will include your Microsoft accounts, your BitLocker passwords and any others used to access your data.

GDPR 6 monthly check-ups

So pop a date in your diary to do a check through your GDPR compliance from 1st November as this will give you a little time to correct any potential leaks. Then on the 25th of November, you’ll be able to say with pride that you are still compliant. Then reschedule every 6 months to go through your systems again.

If you need help with any of the above then do talk to us here at Jolly