Get IT ready for 2022

With the omicron covid variant raging through the UK workforce, and most trying to work from home. Is it time you got your IT ready for 2022?


If this variant rattles through the population there’s a good chance we may enter an endemic stage of the pandemic according to the scientists. This means learning to live with the virus. This will entail you as a business, being battle-ready. Can your current IT systems work both at the office and at home? With staff members isolating at home, is your IT ready to pick up the slack with automation?

Get an IT contract

With the rises in inflation and the current price index, this is a good time to fix into contracts for all sorts of services related to the business. Getting an IT service contract in place will not only save you money but also time too. As we outlined in our blog IT service management, this type of contract can help you run the business more effectively.

Talking of Viruses

January is a great time to consider your IT security levels. Our blog Let’s beat the virus could assist you here. Do you need to renew antivirus software? Or upgrade to a suite of security software? Having an annual audit of your passwords will make sure you have fresh ones for the coming year.  We highly recommend a password manager to protect and remember all the passwords for you.

Updating and Upgrading your IT

As you are thinking of starting new projects in these first few months, it is worth updating and upgrading your IT systems in order to help you. For example, upgrading your Microsoft365 subscription will allow you to access more programs and gain better security. Updating your software regularly will make sure you avoid falling behind with security and antivirus libraries.

Making plans

Making a plan of work for the year ahead is easier when you work with an IT consultant. Spreading the budget across the year for your IT system and streamlining the business makes sense. Here is where an IT consultant can guide you.

Want some help getting your IT ready for the year?

Here at JollyIT we pride ourselves on being friendly and approachable. A wealth of experience between us means we can solve IT issues quickly. Come and have a coffee and a chat and let’s plan the best year ahead for you and your business.