How to Guide #2 Getting rid of Pop-Ups

Is your computer riddled with malware and pop-ups? 

If so, you are not alone.  We regularly have to deal with this sort of problem and have a pretty proven way of dealing with it.

  1. If you know when you started getting pop-ups started then the quickest solution can be to roll back the operating system using System Restore.  It’s fairly straightforward.  You open system restore, pick a date you know your computer was fine, and click restore.  A System Restore doesn’t affect your files, it just rolls back the registry effectively removing any programs or malware that has been installed.
  2. If you aren’t sure when it started, or system restore isn’t working, try using these proven utilities
    With Malwarebytes make sure you run the scan in full and then restart.  Also after a restart keep running the scan till you get an all clear.
    With CCleaner, run the scan and delete any temp files it finds (temp file directories are where a lot of malware hides).  Also run the registry cleanup tool.  I would normally never recommend any registry cleanup tool, especially not those registry optimiser programs you see all the time, but CCleaners is actually quite good and has never caused any problems for us, and more often than not has resovled issues.
  3. Change your DNS settings to use OpenDNS.
    We love OpenDNS.  Incase you didn’t know, DNS servers resolve DNS names.  DNS names are things like and  Before you can access them, you need a DNS server to resolve these names to IP addresses.  This is how your browser is able to access the sites.  Most DNS servers will helpfully resolve malicious sites as well.  OpenDNS actively monitors the web and blocks sites it considers malicious.  By using DNS servers from OpenDNS you add an additional small but very important line of defence against malicious sites.
  4. Run Windows Update.  It goes without saying that installing the latest critical patches is not only a good idea, but they also fill the security holes that malicious software exploits!

Hopefully that will be enough to rid yourself of those pesky pop-ups, but if not feel free to give us a call on 08003317668 and we’ll try and help.