HP Elite x2 1012 Unboxing and Quick Start

The HP Elite X2 1012 is HP’s brand new hybrid laptop/tablet.  Jolly IT have managed to get our hands on a demo model.  Over the weekend I took it for a spin!

Check out our unboxing video here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VM6MFW7ornc

Or for an ever so slightly more polished production, check out the official HP vid here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-x5wV8ybN5Y

I’ve been using a Microsoft Surface 2 for a while now, and that’s an obvious comparison.  The Tablet/Laptop Hybrid market is clearly a growing one, and that’s where manufacturers and investing their R&D budget more and more these days.

First impressions of the HP Elite x2 1012 reveal it’s a great bit of kit, light, solid, easy to use.  The keyboard especially feels rigid and responsive with full size keys, I was quite happy typing on it for long periods which isn’t something I’d say about even the high end surface keyboards.  The downside of this was revealed when I grabbed the tablet to move locations and the keyboard fell off.  The magnet isn’t quite strong enough to hold it on if it’s not closed, something I’ve not found with the surface.

The kickstand doesn’t have two positions like the surface, you just pull it into position and it’s stiff enough to stay in position.  It’s only a thin piece of aluminum, and I do wonder if it will bend or snap under continual use.

When I setup a new device, the first thing I do is install windows updates.  However the first Windows update I went to apply told me that the bundled HP software wasn’t compatible.  I had to uninstall HP Drive encryption and the Security Suite before I could install a standard Windows update.

I’ve never thought much of the extra software PC’s and Laptops come with these days.  As an analogy it feels to me like you’ve just rolled a new car off the forecourt and found your local dealer has stuck a custom petrol gauge on it.  The software never seems to add anything and usually isn’t anywhere near as well written as what is built in with windows.  Having said that I was still surprised that Windows said it was incompatible out the box.  You only usually get that kind of message when you are upgrading from one version of the OS to another, not applying an update.

All in all I’m very impressed, and will be using this as my go to machine from now on.

If you are interested in the HP Elite X2 or any other hybrid device, get in touch on 0800 331 7668 or info@jollyit.co.uk