An IT Consultancy appointment helps you think outside the box

Think IT is all about fixing computers? Think outside the box with an IT consultancy appointment!


Yes, we can help you work out which hardware to buy, desktops and workstations, and laptops and tablets. Printers and storage systems and servers are also worth looking at integrating or eliminating their need! Slim lining your hardware budget and targeting the right level of processing power for each device.


This is a massive area, and sometimes an off the shelf program will do what you need; however, when needs must, a bespoke tailormade program can be the answer. First, let us check out whether there is something out there for you. Obviously, Office 365 is a fantastic suite of programs, but many users only know of the main ones, such as Word, Excel and Outlook. Let a consultation find that Power BI or Teams solve your problems without shelling out more money. These two are surprisingly two of the many programs included in your O365 package that no one really knows they have available to them.


Need to source training? Let us help you decide how to access the best level of training.

Telephony and broadband

IT does not work without the internet these days, and so making sure you have a good connection at the right price is vital. Integrating your telephony into the internet via VOIP makes even better sense. There are a few scenarios that you may have considered without an IT consultancy appointment.

Websites, Data and assets

Have you considered hosting your company website? How do you handle every growing volume of data you acquire? Security of data and your devices is paramount to save GDPR  breaches.  An appointment with one of our IT consultants could help you find some solutions you’ve not even thought of!

Automation and simplifying tasks

Having your social media updated, updates for your software loaded and installed, and maintenance issues resolved quickly, are all tasks that can be either automated or simplified for you. Talk to us about making your IT do more for you!