ITSM IT service management, what is it all about?

ITSM stands for IT service management and it is the service agreement many know as IT support and yet it is far more. We are going to explore this arrangement further.

IT support

This type of contract, which we explain in this blog, will make sure your IT runs smoothly and that day to day to can call for help to fix most problems. It is highly recommended that most businesses have this type of contract, as it will often save the business if there is an IT failure.

IT Consultancy

This is another service Jolly IT provides and you can read more here. This will help you to decide which direction your IT systems should take and what equipment or software to purchase.

IT and Network Design

Another IT service that you may consider when starting afresh or upgrading your current IT systems. We looked at this service in this blog.

ITSM IT Service Management.

This is a more encompassing contract taking most of the elements we have looked at above and offering these services in one larger contract. Here the IT service agreement is responsible for the end-to-end management of these services. Although in some smaller companies there may be an employee tasked with the role of IT Support, this employee can still require the ITSM contract. Larger companies may have an IT support Team, though will still want an ITSM contract to oversee the IT system and provide the team with additional support.


All the daily niggles that plague an IT system, such as password resets, software glitches and updating can be resolved under the IT support contract. The ITSM contract takes this further, by keeping logs of events and planning the system to prevent errors occurring in the future. For a simple example; the ITSM knows when your hard drives are likely to start becoming full. It can prevent this with cloud backup, archiving or larger hard drive installations.

Incident management

In the event of an IT failure or attack, an ITSM will be able to learn from the event. The team can have your system back up and running quickly, due to the backup and storage arrangements. Software and programming can be swiftly repaired and any virus or malware apprehended, quarantined and deleted before too much damage.

Upgrading and expanding

As your business grows, the ITSM will grow alongside. Constantly working with your business to ensure that the IT system is robust and ready for growth before you expand beyond its capabilities.

If you would like to know more about ITSM contracts then please contact us and we can discuss your requirements.