Kon Mari your PC

It is the start of a new year and we all like to start things afresh round about now. So here we are going to look at how you can declutter and clean up your PC. This will not only speed your PC up but will also help you find files faster.


We spoke about some of these actions in our earlier blog, however, we shall expand on that here. The first place to go is to your hard drive, right click and select properties, then clean-up. You can also select to clean-up system files too. One great program to get is CCleaner, which will clean up your PC and help you sort out other areas too.

Delete, delete, delete

Getting rid of older files and programs on your PC will free up valuable space and stop people access obsolete data. Head to the add and remove programs in the control panel and delete programs you no longer need. Then check out your oldest files and delete those that are obsolete. For example, older than 6 years and not opened since then. If you need to keep old files, then consider archiving them and storing on a cloud.

Defrag and Optimise

Defragging your hard drive will mean that files can be found quicker. This process can take a long time unless you had a newer solid-state drive (SDD) in which case it will take seconds.

Get a swift start-up

Check your start-up programs, you can do this in CCleaner, or go to settings, apps, start-up. Once there turn off any apps from starting that you do not need. This will greatly improve the speed your PC gets started in the morning.

Organise your storage

Using cloud storage is a way of clearing the space on your own PC. Plus, with having backups in the cloud, you have less risk of losing your data. Do check that only the files you require are being synced onto your desktop. Check out our cloud blog here for more info.

Declutter the desktop

Why not take a look at your desktop. Do you have older links on there that you do not need any more? Could you pin apps and programs to your taskbar to free up your screen real estate?

 Empty the bin

Once you are happy that you have cleaned up your PC, have a final quick check in the recycle bin before you empty it.

Enjoy your neater, cleaner, faster PC!

If you want help with sorting out your files and cloud solutions, then please chat to us here at Jolly IT, we are a friendly bunch!