Looking for a new PC?

The PC market can be a daunting place, there is almost too much choice.

Standardising your IT is key to prevent all manner of ills, and standardising your desktop fleet is key.

At Jolly IT we often standardise the kit we sell to just a handful of models. We’ve narrowed the entire market down to one PC.

Currently that PC is the HP 400 G1 with an i5 processor (or i3 if you are on a seriously tight budget).

Take a look at the spec. The i5 is a solid fast processor, 4Gb of ram is more than enough at the moment for most business users (unless you are an architect or manipulating some seriously large files) and 1TB hard drive gives you bags of room for your files and programs.


Bolt on a copy of Office 2013 for around £180 or subscribe for £10.10 a month from office 365 and you have a great solution.