Need a new printer for your Small Office?

Check out the HP Officejet Pro X576dw

I’ve not blogged about a printer for a while (ever) but HP just sent a demo model of their new range of small office printers.

We’ve being selling HP officejet printers for years, they are a great bit of kit, cheap, reliable and the best software I’ve come across.

There are four new models, two are just printers and two are MFP’s, aka Multi-Function Printers which means that can Scan and fax as well.

We’ve got the X576dw which is the faster of the two MFP coming in at £563 ex VAT.

As far as I could tell from the spec’s speed is the only difference between it and the X476dw, but I’m told it’s got a better scanner as well although externally they are identical.  The differences are all under the hood apparently.

Having unboxed and removed enough packaging tape to satisfy a character from Fifty Shades of Grey it’s on the desk.  The cartridges are a new design.  Much heavier and a breeze to install.  They are also more expensive but if weight is anything to go by they should have more ink and need changing less frequently.

Having switched it on, set the language, put in some paper and ink it goes off and spends 22 mins setting itself up.  Not sure what it’s doing, but it happily clunks away for ages, churning out sheets of test paper.  Complicated things model printers, I’m hoping it’s not using up too much ink or all the sample paper!

Reading some of the stuff it prints I see it’s got the Guinness world record for the faster time to print 500 sheets by an office colour printer…impressive!

The print supports ePrint.  I’m sure you’ve seen the ad of the baby flying along the streets of some US state to someone’s printer? No? ok, well if you had it’s that.  The printer walks you through creating an account on HP’s site and then you can print to the printer from anywhere by emailing them to an email address they give you.

There are loads of other apps as well, apps for forms, samples, business cards and even the FT and Business Week and one from Paddington Bear.  Not sure what they do, I guess they print out the latest copy on your printer saving you going to the shop.  I think I’ll save the ink.

Ok, 22 mins after switching it on it’s ready to go.  At this point I usually download the latest drives from HP, however I see that it’s already installed and can scan to my PC.  I’m going to download the software anyway, but it’s the first printer I’ve ever bought that’s done that.  it all happened so smoothly I’m not even sure how it did it.  Maybe scanning to the PC did it, or maybe it was when I registered with the website.  Either way it’s all done with zero effort.

So, in summary, a very intelligent printer with a sound build quality that would be perfect for any small business.