Out of the Office-It’s a Jolly IT holiday!

It is the festive season and we are all preparing for the parties and celebrations. We shall be out of the office and so away from our desks and computers. This can mean coming back in the New Year to a backlog of emails and workload. We are going to look at some of the things you could do to ease you back into the New year.

Make a Plan

As you know which dates you will be out of the office and away from your workstation, it is great to plan. Automate some processes that will execute regular tasks whilst you party. Download any apps onto your phone, so that you can respond quickly and keep an eye on what is happening back at the office. Get your Social media posts and blogs published on your website and scheduled for release throughout, this way you can keep things fresh and maintain consistency.

Out of the Office-Email

Get to work on that inbox by setting up rules in Outlook. Filtering your emails into folders as they come in will make your life a lot easier. Start by unsubscribing to newsletters you have not had any value from and clearing spam folders out. You can mark emails for attention later by placing them in the scheduled folder. Placing an Out of the office auto-response will make sure you are not bombarded with emails demanding attention. A quick look on your mobile over the holidays just to double-check your automation is running smoothly. Doing this should mean that you will arrive at your desk in the New Year with a relatively empty and sorted email pile. We have a blog here to help you out in the New Year should you return to a mountain in your inbox.


If something goes wrong over the holiday season, it can be a bit of a nightmare and expensive to get support out to fix it. So, making secure backups before-hand will save you headaches. Try and back-up to cloud services to ensure you can get back up and running whatever happens.


Using Office 365 means you have lots of tools for collaboration to hand. It also means that while you are away from the office you can see what your colleagues are working on. Keeping in touch with projects means that you are on top of it all when you return after the holiday. Before you leave for the break, check all your relative files in Sharepoint are up to date and available to those who need them.

Having made all these preparations you can leave the office and enjoy the season without worry. May you all have the most marvellous Christmas and sparkling New Year!