Outlook Customer manager- The CRM within Outlook

If you are running an SME business, then you will know how hard it is to keep up with all the customer related tasks is. With Office 365 and Outlook Customer Manager, you will never let a lead go cold again.


We all use outlook as a great emailing platform; however, it also has some great features. Calendar and people are straight forward and help organise your customer’s meetings and contacts details. With an Office 365 Business premium subscription, you get a business class custom email with mailboxes of up to 50 GB. Added to that is the Customer Manager.

Outlook Customer manager

No need to purchase an additional CRM (customer relationship manager) with Outlook Customer manager. The software embeds directly into Outlook and you find it on your top ribbon. It will automatically collate all your data on each customer. Emails, tasks, meeting, deals, and notes from One note are all together for you.

Working with Outlook Customer Manager

Each day is laid out for you; with the information you need. So, if there is a scheduled meeting, the links to all the emails, notes, and tasks are there, meaning you will not enter that meeting blind. As you click on each customer, again all the emails and data, relating to them is available. You can organise data into projects, so if you have multiple projects with one customer, the emails are only relating to each project. Because all your customer data is within your office 365, you do not need to set up connectors and data syncing with other apps or programs. Being within Office 365 means it integrates with all your Office programs, such as Flow, One Note and Teams.

Sharing with your team

When you have several employees, all needing the same information, forwarding emails and details everything you have done with each client can lead to confusion. With Office 365 premium, you already have SharePoint, so sharing information is easier. With Outlook customer manager, you can go one step further and can share all the relevant customer details with team members.

Mobile App

Being on the road can mean being out of touch, however with the Outlook Customer manager mobile app, you can stay up to date with any developments immediately. The app is available on both Android through the Outlook app and a separate app on the iPhone.


If you would like to know how to get started with Outlook Customer Manager, then this page will aid you. If you want to purchase Office 365 or upgrade your current subscription to premium, then talk to us here at Jolly IT