Why outsource your IT Management..?


Well, it is a question that we are constantly trying to answer for people, rather unsurprisingly!

As with any decision, there are a number of pros and cons, but we believe that for the Small or Medium Enterprise – there are definitely more pros than cons.. In fact below I can show you how you can save money by outsourcing – by up to 90% !

Firstly though, lets look at why you would want an in house IT team:

  1. You can recruit and personally hand pick every person in your team.
  2. You can train them to be competent in all the areas you require.
  3. You can measure their capabilities and have your HR department manage their performance.
  4. You can sit them onsite with you so they are with you all the time.

Hang on – are any of those actually good reasons..? Why would you want to have to do any of that..? All of those reasons (and I was thinking quite hard) are really very good reasons why you would not want anything to do with your own IT people!!!

An in house team can do nothing that an outsourced IT team can do, and they cost a whole lot more! Its not just the cost of having a person employed by the company – its the hidden costs of doing all the things above.

So, lets flip it around and have a look at why you would want to outsource your IT management to a company like Jolly IT.

  1. You DON’T HAVE TO recruit your own IT team – lets face it, I’m sure you’re a good judge of character, but how do you know if they are any good..?
  2. You DON’T HAVE TO spend a fortune on their training courses – did you know we spend more that £15k a year on training our staff ?
  3. You DON’T HAVE TO Manage their performance and try to manage someone who does stuff you don’t really understand – Let us do that for you!
  4. You DON’T HAVE TO pay for extra office space for an IT team! one, two or three people use a lot of space, especially when you add a work bench for building PCs and servers. Outsource that!

And those are just the hidden costs – lets compare the basic salary vs the outsourcing cost.

To begin with, you really need 2 staff – to cover the holidays and sick days that inevitably crop up – and don’t forget the training! I’ll be conservative and assume you don’t want someone who really knows their stuff, so you’re only paying £25,000 for each guy. Maybe a graduate. (A good infrastructure or server engineer will cost you 40k ++)

So, that’s 2 x 25000 = £50,000 per year.  That sounds like quite a lot to me, just for the staff.

Alternatively you could outsource your IT management to the team at Jolly IT, who have a total more than 40 years IT management for a fraction of that amount!

Incredibly, you would probably be looking at reducing your costs by a staggering 90% if you were to outsource your IT.

That’s what we call a ‘no brainer.’

So, call our London or Sheffield Offices on 0800 331 7668, or use the contact us page on this website to start saving  money!