SharePoint 2013 Training Videos

Free Online Training Video’s for Sharepoint 2013

We were recently asked to provide some video’s for SharePoint Online. SharePoint Online is probably one of the most underused parts of the Office 365 Business package.  Most people are familier with Outlook and Exchange Online, you’ve probably been using it for years, but SharePoint is an entirely new concept and not many companies implemented it on premise before moving to the cloud.  As of writing the current version is based on SharePoint 2013.

SharePoint allows you to store your files in the cloud where you can access them from any device and easily share them securely with colleagues, partner companies and the public.  Along with these “Document Libraries”, you can also create lists which can be used like an excel spreadsheet or database as well as calenders, tasks, mailboxes, surveys, wiki pages, pictures libraries, the number of apps is endless.  All you need to access is a web browser.  You can use Windows Explorer to access the files directly on the SharePoint site, or sync them to your computer.

We approached our Cloud Partner Development Manager at Microsoft and they sent us this link to a number of really good introduction videos to sharepoint.

I highly recommend you take a look if you want to make the most of this technology.

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