Simple ways to upgrade your IT

It is a new decade, and with Windows 7 losing support, is it time to upgrade your IT systems? We are going to look at some simple ways to upgrade your IT.

Every three years

Most businesses look at upgrading their IT every three years. It is a good rule of thumb, though you can spread this to a little each year. Try looking during sales for new IT equipment, replacing one or two desktops each year rather than everyone’s PC all at once.

Office 365

Buying an Office 365 plan is a great way to increase your productivity. There are a number of options, so its best to consider all of them and then speak to an expert before committing. We have a blog here, which can help you. If you already have Office 365, is it time to upgrade your package? If your workforce has expanded, you might consider Enterprise level. We talked about Enterprise packages here

Upgrade your IT hardware

Buying whole new laptops and desktops is a quick, yet expensive upgrade. It may be an idea to look into just upgrading the processors or increasing the RAM in your current machines. Always get a professional to install new processors or advanced hardware, you’ll have the backup if something fails. RAM is pretty simple if you know what you are doing. Solid-state drives can replace older hard drives, as these run a lot faster.

Cloud accounts

Running a server can be expensive. Why not consider purchasing a cloud package? All your files kept safely stored in the cloud and accessed from anyway makes sense in today’s more mobile world. We wrote a blog about cloud computing and SharePoint options


With internet speeds increasing and becoming more reliable, VOIP is a real upgrade to your telephony system and may even save you money. Our page here will explain more.

However, you look to upgrading your IT, always get professional advice before you commit to purchase. We, at jolly IT will be more than happy to advise you