Simply-What is SEO and what can it do?

SEO The simple answer is SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. However, that’s not what SEO is all about. We hope to answer some of the questions you have about SEO and what it does for you.

SEO ranking

This is any activity on your website or social media that tries to raise the ranking within the search engines results. So that when your potential customer types in your product or service into Google, for example, then your website is on the first page, or at least the first pages.


The first step towards SEO for your website is to have great content, designed to attract your potential customer. Start by writing interesting news articles or blogs and having useful information on your website pages. You can also have content on your social media channels, linking back to your website. Content can include writing, pictures, and videos.


Content needs to be written in a way that search engines can easily find it. So, using keywords, these are the words someone would put in the search box to find your product or service. In the past, this ranking of keywords led to pages full of keywords and very little else. Search engines have now changed how they rank keywords. Nowadays, you need to embed those keywords within the body of text.  Pictures and video do not have words. You need to name the files and place keywords on the description when you upload them to your website.

Sharing and Linking

Once you have content that can be easily found via its keywords, you need to have it shared. This will build links back to your website. So, you would start, for example, sharing your latest blog on your social media channels. Hopefully, then others will share it with their followers and so on.


Yes, it really is that simple. Except, that Google, one of the most used Search engines, often changes the rules on what makes a website worth ranking higher. For example, due to the rise of the use of a mobile device to search the internet, websites that were not configured to display well on a mobile phone, are downgraded and ranked lower. This meant that many people had to change their websites. This is where you need an expert in SEO. If you have any more questions, please do contact us.