Small business? Then outsource your IT!

Running a small business can be fraught with difficult decisions. When your staff numbers are low, choosing who to delegate a task to can be a nightmare. When it comes to IT, though, you really need an expert opinion! Let us look at why you should outsource your IT.


Small Business, not so small IT requirements

In today’s business world, IT needs are right up there alongside utilities and staff. Connecting all your equipment for smoothing running and looking at storage solutions for all the data is just the tip of the iceberg. Offering products and services over the internet and the back office administration is another layer. Rather than wade through all this when you are starting up, get an expert to discuss your IT requirements. They can then work with you along the way to develop your systems to cope with growth.


Depth of knowledge

Being a busy businessperson, you cannot hope to know everything about every aspect of the business. You may understand the basic requirements but not have first-hand knowledge of products and solutions to IT issues. An outsourced IT consultant can introduce you to new software or hardware that can complete your business tasks more efficiently and cost-effectively. IT companies stay up to date with the latest technology, so you don’t have to. Having regular contact or an audit will help you make sure your systems are bang up to date.


Retaining staff

One of the issues for business that are growing is that staff can get frustrated or want more to do. Keeping staff occupied and happy in their work means having IT systems that flow. No one likes it when the printer suddenly stops, or their PC starts shutting down unexpectantly. Suppose everything works smoothly and staff can complete tasks with minimal effort. In that case, they are more likely to start looking at ways to increase the business output. A small business does not always have the staff knowledge to fix IT problems or develop new ways to enhance the IT systems; this is where outsourcing IT makes the difference.


Swift responses

When IT fails you, you need it up and running again fast. Every hour costs money in business, so a quick response to your IT issues is a must. Our helpdesk can often work through problems far quicker than trying to ‘google’ the answer. Having a maintenance contract in place will ensure problems can be possibly foreseen and, if not, acted upon swiftly.


You want to become a big business

As you grow your business, your IT needs will change; outsourcing IT with a good company means having an expert at hand to help you. You get to build a relationship with IT experts. Once you are big enough to have incorporated your own IT department, you will have developed a robust system. Plus you will know how to deal with the staff in that department. We can also offer help to IT managers within your business.


Thinking of outsourcing IT? Why not chat about your needs with us?