Supporting staff working from home

We have all been working from home for a while, and although many have settled into the swing of things, some of us have struggled. Here, at Jolly IT we like to think we are supportive, and some would like to give you some hot tips on supporting staff working from home. Our previous blog will also help you make adjustments for moving staff to working from home

Potentially save a lot of money

With everyone working away from the office, have you considered closing the premises and saving some serious cash for the business? We have heard of companies doing precisely this; however, there will be a need to invest in good business quality broadband for your homeworkers. Talk to us about the best solution for your homeworkers.

Invest in software

Investing in software such as Office 365 will mean that your staff can work remotely on the same projects seamlessly. Reading through our blogs over the last couple of months will highlight how Office 365 can transform the way you work. We can help you with purchase and aftercare for this.

Advice on health for staff

With no scheduled breaks, people tend to work through. This means it may be a plan to schedule a lunchtime and afternoon break into the day, and so messaging the individual staff member to take that timeout may be wise. The best advice is to get outside and go for a walk. Some companies have bought their staff office chairs for their workspace, and desks too.

Won’t they skive?

According to research, the answer is well yes, they will, if they skived off at the workplace, no change there. Those who were productive in the office will stay productive at home, and may even be more productive. People tend to be creatures of habit and so will be the same at home as they were at work. Many will be happier working from home as it improves work-life balance and effect we are seeing from the lockdown.

Supporting staff who struggle

Most of the reason people struggle to adjust to home working is that they cannot separate work from home. One idea to resolve this is for them to drive out in the morning grab their coffee, from a local café, then drive ‘back to work’. Creating a proper place to work from at home, with either a room set aside or placing work things at a dining table and removing them on the stroke of 5 pm. However, If it does not work for them, consider a hot desk. Make sure to have an IT support package in place, as those working remotely may need more assistance than usual.

Have regular communication

Having regular meetings plays an essential role in business. Keep this good practise by scheduling regular Teams events. Our blogs here and here will help you get the most from this software. Do check in with staff with performance reviews and welfare checks.

Do you have any tips for supporting staff remote working? Let us know, and we’ll add them to this blog.

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