Teams and Yammer- Communication is Key

Communication software from Microsoft includes Teams and Yammer. Help your company collaborate and communicate better through Office 365.


If you are using the likes of Trello, or Asana, then Microsoft Teams will give you all the advantages plus some full-on integration. As a project manager, this piece of software is pretty essential. You can organise, meetings, team updates, messaging and document sharing throughout your organisation. All the Microsoft apps are available, so pulling in an excel spreadsheet into a project is a breeze. You can access everything in your SharePoint and OneDrive too. Your first line staff, for example, can request holiday or shift changes, and the manager can approve them instantly.  You can collaborate on reports before sending to the finance department for approval. The CEO can ask for a poll of workers before implementing changes. All this is secure within the company, using the Office 365 account.


Yammer is the Microsoft version of WhatsApp or Snap Chat for the office.  Sign in with your company email and you can then join in with the office conversations, or gossip! Individuals can form groups to include members of a team in one thread of conversation. You can share pictures and videos using Microsoft Stream, and there is even an instant message language translation feature.

When should you use them?

Obviously when managing a full team then Teams is the choice, though to send a quick message to an individual you may find yourself using Yammer. If organising a birthday bash, or after works drinks, then Yammer is the one to go with. Both work well together and both have Mobile app versions, so working on the go is easy.

How to get them

Both programs are available through your Office 365 Business subscription. Though you can try them both for free before committing to an Office 365 subscription.