HP ProDesk 400 range gets 256Gb SSD

HP have just released a new ProDesk Business Desktop with a 256Gb SSD (Solid State Drive) to suprisingly little fanfare.

It’s only been a few months since HP started giving the option of SSD’s in its desktops, before that the only option was HDD, which usually came in at 500Gb.

SSD’s offer huge performance improvements over the traditional HDD’s (Hard Disk Drives).  I’ve seen figures stating they are up to 90x faster.  They also have no moving parts, have much lower power requirements and generate less heat (useful when you have one in a laptop…on your lap!)

HDD - Hard Disk Drive

HDD – Hard Disk Drive – lots of moving parts and spinning platters.


Up till now at the only HP SSD hard drive you could get in the smb price range (£300-£500 ish) was 128Gb, which we quickly found really isn’t big enough for most users.  Once you’ve got Windows, Microsoft Office and your email synchronized, it really doesn’t leave much left, especially with Exchange Online Plan 1 mailboxes having a 50Gb quota now.  Then you have SharePoint, OneDrive for business, Dropbox, Google Drive all with the option to sync locally.  Sure, if you are running Outlook 2013 or the latest Onedrive client you have the option of limiting what you are syncing, but who wants to be limited!  Add your bosses or colleagues mailbox and before you know it 128Gb is gone.  This in my opinion is seriously limiting the take up of SSD’s.

However we’ve started seeing piles of stock of the HP ProDesk 400 G3 Small Form Factor PC coming through the channel with a bigger 256Gb SSD. By doubling the size at the same price point it’s now a very attractive proposition.

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