Blogs, Why you should have one on your website

It is a question many people ask, but do not always know understand all the reasons why. Here we hope to show you why it is a no-brainer to have blogs on your website.

What is a blog?

Firstly, what is a blog? You are reading one right now! A blog is a group of articles posted online for others to read. There are personal bloggers, these people write about their daily lives to help others. They often make their money by utilizing advertising, either with ads on their website or sponsorship of products they blog about. Blogs tend to be informal and simple to read and digest.

Business blogs

Putting a blog on your business page is different, here you are showing more about your knowledge and skills to inform your potential and current customers. Blogs on a business page tend to be ‘how-to’ or informative ones. Though many businesses also blog about their own personal struggles and triumphs.

Google likes it

The next reason to have a blog on your page is that Google likes fresh content and unless you are updating your website pages every week, which most people do not. Then having a blog uploaded regularly will give you that fresh content. Google watches to see how traffic performs on your website. If you have an article that people are reading, staying for a few minutes to read to the end. Google will see that as great content and rank it higher. This pushes your website up the rankings. Other search engines react the same way.

You need content for your Social Media

Once you have a blog established, then you need to spread the word. This you can do by posting a link to your blog on your Social Media channels. If you have the job of posting on Social media for your company, then you will know having a great article that leads back to the website is valuable.

It helps SEO

When you post these articles on Social media, it creates a link between your website and off-page to the channel. This is part of SEO, you can read more on this on our blog here.  Each blog page should also have links to other pages on your website to help your reader on their journey through your website. You should also tailor each blog page to attract website visitors by ranking on Google, giving you another website entry point.

Have we given you enough reasons to put a blog on your website? If not, please call us and ask to be put in touch with our blog manager for more reasons.