Website design- where to start

These days it makes sense to have a ‘web presence’, and the first place to start is often with a website. How do you start this process and what should you expect from your website designers?

It’s easy, isn’t it?

Most people today will start their website on the most popular platform ‘WordPress’ and will start with a free theme. When choosing a theme, try to consider your corporate branding, colours and nature of business. Nowadays it is best to go for a ‘responsive’ theme, this means looking for one that changes as you view it on a phone or tablet. Try inputting ‘responsive’ as a search term when looking for your theme. One big decision is whether to go for a one page scrolling site, or the traditional pages. Either works, it’s all just down to preferences.

Domain Name

You will need to register a domain name and have the domain name service (DNS) point to your website. Pus you will need to have hosting, a lot of domain name provider will offer both within their packages, making things simple for you.

Website Content

This is everything you see upon your website, from words, pictures to videos and logos. Make sure you have clear and concise information about your services and or products. All the pictures on your site need to be either free from royalty, or taken by you, or paid for by you. Video is a great enhancement your website, particularly if it shows off your products as customers will be more likely to buy something they have seen ‘in action’


These are useful little programs that allow you to add features to your website. Slideshows, contact forms and twitter feeds are all available to add content and individuality to your website.

When to ask for expert advice

When you start a small business, a WordPress site, built and maintained by yourself may suffice to begin with. However, as your business grows, the need to attract a larger audience and if you are offering the ability to purchase directly from the site, these are times when you will probably need to get some expert assistance to give your customers a better experience on your site. We, here at Jolly IT have the ability to take your website through to the next levels.Contact us for more help.