Which VoIP systems are best for Small businesses?

VoIP systems are taking over from the landline, which is predicted to be extinct by 2028. As a small business, you will need to replace your landline with an up to date VoIP system.

What are VoIP systems?

We gave you the basics of VoIP in this blog, “Beginners Guide to VoIP” . Basically, it’s a telephone system that works over the Internet rather than traditional copper wires. You can also learn more here on our webpage.

Why do I need it?

In today’s business world, we are connected via the Internet more than ever before. As a business, you need to take as many calls as possible and direct them to the correct person to answer and deal with the caller’s enquiry. This can sometimes mean that the right person is not in the office but maybe working from home.

Yes, but what about costs?

Many businesses find the VoIP costs are much lower than traditional landline rental and call costs. Once the equipment is installed, the calls are made over the Internet, which you already pay for in your broadband subscription. Extra handsets can be easily added or removed from the system, so build the system alongside your business growth.

What about trust issues?

People are now happy to call a mobile or regional number and find that spammers have taken over landline numbers. VoIP systems allow you to choose a number for customers to dial into you, meaning one number for them to remember. Recording facilities can be built in so that you can reflect on customer service and the promises made.

So which VoIP systems are the best?

We find that having a VoIP system tailored to your business is the best. Talk to us here at Jolly IT, and we will discuss your needs and business requirements to put together the best VoIP systems for your small business.