Why should IT be managed?

Nowadays businesses depend on reliable IT and the Internet. When something goes wrong it can really impact the bottom line. Here we shall discuss why having your IT managed is essential and how to choose the right option for you.

DIY IT Management

For a lot of small businesses, managing your own IT sometimes appears to be the only option. As many IT management systems seem to be for larger networks and multiple devices. As a small business, you may only have 1-5 users. However, for you, the impact of the network failing can be catastrophic. After cash flow problems, the second most common reason for a business to fail is that of IT problems. Most IT management companies will ask for lengthy contracts so look out for those with a monthly rolling contract or a pay-as-you-use arrangement.

IT management outsourcing

Compared with employing someone full time to support your network, outsourcing IT management, can be very cost effective.

Best IT skills

If your business is not actually in Information Technology, it can be hard to recruit the very best personnel. Whereas, with outsourcing IT to a specialist company means you have that access to experienced and qualified staff. Your own staff can concentrate on the tasks for which they are employed, instead of struggling with IT issues.

Saving time and money

IT support can be called upon to fix the problem quickly and efficiently. A quick telephone call and the problem can be resolved. You also get the reduction in costs of hiring specialist equipment, or in the costs of training for your staff, in specific IT skills.

Reducing risks

Updates and patches can be applied quickly on an appropriate schedule, without needing reminders. A good IT management will also help with timely and secure backups, with the right levels of security across your network.

In-House IT Manager

Of course, you may feel you need a full time IT manager in your own premises. Here at Jolly IT, we also offer a support package for IT managers, meaning that you have complete coverage, should they be off on holiday or sick leave. We can also source specialist skills or equipment to enable your IT manager to perform more tasks or projects with ease.

It is highly recommended that you have some form of IT support for your business, and whichever method you choose, we here at Jolly IT can help. Please contact us for more information about our support packages.