Windows 10 update causing issues

Whilst everyone is worried about catching viruses, both computer and Coronavirus, one problem has slipped under the radar. We would like to bring your attention to the KB4535996 update to Windows 10, the potential problems, and the fix for it.

What was this update supposed to do?

This update was supposed to fix problems with printers not appearing in your network and other difficulties with printing. Plus, an issue with the search box rendering. One issue with Azure Active Directory (AAD) joined systems which caused it to erroneously re-join the AAD domain. There were also little tweaks to many of our favourite programs in the Office 365 suite. For those in call centres, it targeted an annoying little niggle with the speech centre opening for several minutes when in a noisy environment. Along with the narrator turning off after 30 minutes. Along with the usual gamut of security and bug fixes.

What has gone wrong?

There has meant quite a few complaints and comments from users regarding sleep issues. Their computers keep waking up from sleep mode randomly. Others have worryingly reported the inability to enter safe mode, which you need to do the fix problems with your PC. A number have complained of boot-up issues and others spoke of drops in performance. Although the issues reported are a little alarming, Microsoft is yet to admit there is a problem.

Should I update my windows 10?

Most times we will always recommend updating to the latest version of your software to ward off attacks and keep security protocols high. In this case, the update does address all the issues it promised to. We suggest you do update and watch for any developments or problems. It might also be an idea to back-up data to a cloud before you update, just in case next time it causes even more disastrous results.

How can we fix it?

The best solution is to uninstall the update. This is fairly simple to do. Go into your settings and open ‘updates and security’, then click on ‘ View update history’. Click on ‘Uninstall updates’ and select the appropriate one and then click uninstall and follow on-screen instructions. This advice holds good for any pesky updates you may install in the future. Alternatively, contact us and we will arrange to sort this out for you.