Windows 10!

Microsoft has released details of the next version of Windows, Window “10”.  Seems they skipped 9.  It looks like the perfect Mash-up of windows 7 and 8 with the start menu and the tiles creating a more seamless user interface but keeping the tiles which are familiar branding across all Windows Devices.

I’ve always felt that each windows release is either a facelift, or work under the hood.

Vista was largely a failure because most of the work was under the hood and created lots of issues with the network stack and increased hardware demands.

Windows 7 ironed out a lot of the vista issues but kept the same interface.  Windows 8 was a huge facelift.  I’ve a feeling Windows 10 will be a bit of both.

Although the windows 8 experience is a little clunky at times, it really is a lot faster than vista or windows 7, so hopefully Windows 10 will bring it altogether with a nice interface and keeping the speed benefits.