Windows 8.1 Laptop for just £150 ex VAT?

Laptop for £179 inc VATCheck this laptop out. It’s actually an incredibly impressive bit of kit for the price.

We generally avoid budget laptops like the plague. The problem is there will always be some compromise be it the build quality or the processor, or the memory…
However the HP Stream is a completely different beast. Firstly it’s got a solid state disk, unheard of in budget machines. Ok, it’s only 32Gb, and that drops to 20gb when you take off the recovery partition. Don’t computers have 1TB (1000GB) drives these days i hear you shout. Yes they do, but, no one uses it. They are big, but slow.  This machine is design for the age of the cloud!  That is where you store your files.  On board is a 32Gb solid state drive! it’s blazingly fast. After windows is installed and a full install of office, you still have 10Gb for anything else you want, and you can add a SD card for extra on board storage.  You can pick up a 64gb one for £20 on amazon.

The processor is very basic, however unlike Vista and Windows 7, the focus on Windows 8.1 has been speed. It’s very fast even on low processor machines, and a low processor means long battery life! coupled with a SSD drive, It’s actually gives a respectable performance all round.

Its fanless so completely silent.  A real bonus when watching Netflix in bed a night!So, if you are looking for a incredibly cheap Windows 8.1 laptop for web browsing, steaming media and light office work this could be the perfect machine!