Work from home

With the threat of Covid-19 and the impending lockdown of the UK, we are going to give you some advice. These are tips on how to move your office operations to work from home.

Preparation to work from home

Preparing your staff to move to their home bases and work remotely is a sensible idea. Make sure each colleague knows what to expect and that they understand how to work online. Equipment will need to be recorded and insured while away from the office. Why not purchase a laptop like the HP ProBook, which is a rock-solid business machine that lets you take your computer home with you?  They are flying off the shelves faster than toilet roll! Make complete back-ups of your data on either your server, or on the cloud, or better still on both.

Keeping in touch

Communication with both colleagues and customers is paramount for the survival of the business. Gamma telecoms VoIP telecom system is something we recommend. We can help you set this up before you dismiss your staff. This system means you can unplug your desk phone and then plug it into your router at home, retaining all the capabilities you had at the office. Another option is to log into the app and turn your mobile phone into a Gamma VoIP one.  Click on these links for the Horizon app Android version, iPhone version.

Sharing work and data as you work from home

Office 365 is perfect for sharing work through programs such as Microsoft Teams and SharePoint. This means all your staff can work on the same documents in real-time, while also keeping them safe on the cloud. You can use either Teams or Skype for business to conduct meetings, both with colleagues and customers. Emails and documents can be accessed through your 365 subscriptions at home.

Back-up plans and long term vision

On Monday 16th, MS Teams collapsed as many of the workforces moved to work from home. On Tuesday 17th, the Telecom networks buckled. So, it pays to have back-up plans in place to circumvent these issues. Have the option of either WiFi and a larger mobile data plan, so you can switch between the two.  Use secondary back-up storage incase one becomes inaccessible. Make sure to secure some IT support to help you through this coronavirus situation and beyond during recovery. This could change the way we work in the future if it is a success, so getting it right now is vital.

May we at Jolly It wish you all the best throughout these emergency measures. We are on-hand for any support we can give you.