Business Telecoms

Business Telecoms

Jolly IT understand that business telecoms are critical and businesses are reliant on a dependable system. In our years of IT Support, we have gained a wealth of experience with telephone systems and can talk you through the best options to suit your business.

Hosting your telecoms in the cloud

One of our most popular cloud communication solutions.

Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, has quickly replaced old, conventional telephone lines. As a complete business telecoms solution, it can significantly reduce costs for both businesses and individuals.

Revolutionise your business telecoms

Not only does it not requires any capital investment or maintenance costs, but it is also simple to install and has significantly lower call charges for local, national, international and mobile calls. Our business telecoms solutions have many additional features and flexibilities that could change the way you work!

We can’t see why businesses wouldn’t want to switch.

Businesses will easily be able to streamline their communications, with all of the added functionalities. There is a secure web based user portal to access information, you can view the presence of other colleagues which can be customisable. A status can be used so that colleagues instantly know if you are contactable, and avoiding unnecessary call transfers. If you want to take advantage of the advanced features of the service, there are also options for incoming calls and personalisation.
So, let Jolly IT be your point of contact for your phone lines, from initial installation through to support.

Why Use VoIP as Part of Your Business Telecoms

  • Free unlimited calls between linked sites – beneficial if your team make a large volume of calls to other staff.
  • Ideal for staff who are home based or working remotely
  • Extend your office line number to your Apple and Android devices using a single number number
  • Seamless web conferencing – a one click call with no need to use additional software or plug-ins
  • One point of contact
  • Send text messages, links and more at no extra cost
  • Complete flexibility to add extra lines if your business grows
  • Budget more easily with one monthly fixed charge for all voice and data connections
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