Cloud Solutions

Transform your business with the cloud

Today, everything happens in the cloud. Cloud services have been adopted at an astonishing rate, with many businesses and employees able to use cloud solutions and thus not be restricted to picking up data and applications from their office computer.

4 Advantages of The Cloud

Put simply, the cloud is simply using an internet connection to securely access data or programmes, instead of installing applications and storing data on computer hard drives. It can be accessed anywhere providing you have a secure internet connection.


  1. Cost efficient – While servers take up much space and also require regular servicing and maintenance, they are not always used to capacity either. This means that cloud solutions can be cost efficient by only paying for what you use, the ability to scale up and down, and unlimited storage.
  2. Back up and recovery – Data in the cloud can be automatically backed up and restored much easier.
  3. Quick and easy to set up – sign up and start using the cloud instantly with no upfront costs
  4. Better security – Laptops are stolen at an alarming rate, many of which contain confidential business data. Even more alarmingly 80% of the cost of a lost laptop is from data breach.

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