Comprehensive Guide to Windows shortcuts

Windows shortcuts can save your time

Below is a hand-crafted list of all the biggest time-saving shortcuts built into your Windows computer. These require no extra software or configuration to start working.

By learning one or more of these shortcuts per week you can save yourself hours over the long run cumulatively. A few minutes saved off your daily routines and tasks will stack up significantly in the long term and give you much more time and energy to tackle the issues that count.

Implemented properly it can also reduce the likelihood of workplace injuries such as Repetitive Strain Injury or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.


Clipboard shortcuts

Ctrl + X to cut

Ctrl + C to copy

Ctrl + V to paste

Windows + V for clipboard history


Screenshot / Snipping tool

Press Windows + Shift + S, drag a box over your selection, paste or Ctrl+V


Selecting text, Navigation, Deletion

Ctrl + A to select all content

Ctrl + arrow key to move 1 word at a time

Shift + arrow key to select adjacent text

Ctrl + Shift + arrow key to select a full word

Ctrl + Backspace to delete a full word to the left

Ctrl + Delete to delete a full word to the right

Ctrl + Z to undo

Ctrl + Y to redo

Shift + Delete to permanently delete (bypass recycle bin)

Windows + “.” or “;” to open Microsoft Emoji panel

Ctrl + F to search within the page


Manipulate Window / view

Windows + Left/Right arrow to fill your windows to half the screen

Windows + Up/Down arrow to maximise/minimise respectively

Windows + Shift + Left/Right arrow to move window to a different monitor

Windows + D to toggle show the desktop/hide all Windows

Windows + 1, 2, …, 8 to open the respective app from your taskbar

Alt+F4 to close active window

Ctrl + W to close tab

Alt + Tab to swap between open apps


Generic shortcuts

Windows + I to open Settings

Windows + E to open File Explorer

Windows + L to lock the PC

Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open Task Manager

Ctrl + P to print from most apps


Browser Shortcuts

Ctrl + D to save a bookmark

Ctrl + Shift + B to show/hide bookmarks bar

Ctrl + 1, 2, …, 8 to swap to tabs 1-8

Ctrl + Tab to swap to the next tab

Ctrl + Shift + Tab to swap to the previous tab