Managed Services Contract

Managed Services Contract

Jolly IT provides Managed Service Contracts (MSC) to our clients, providing incredible service at an affordable price.

What is a managed service contract?

Rather than pay for every minute or hour of our time on a pay as you go basis, our clients pay us a small amount monthly for a contract that allows them to use us as and when they wish.

For this small amount per user, you get a huge return.

An MSC gives you unlimited remote support and reduced onsite support rates. While some months we might as well have a desk on-site, others we’ll be here if and when you need us.

Our service never changes

We price our Managed Service Contracts by the number of staff covered. A one-man band will pay a lot less than a company with 50 staff and 10 servers, but the service is exactly the same.

We take full responsibility for your IT support.

We support you and your staff to resolve any issue, liaising with any third party supplier where necessary, to get issues resolved promptly and efficiently, documenting every error message and resolution to continually improve our services.

£30.00 user / month for Unlimited Remote Support

£2.00 device / month for Proactive Device Monitoring

Fully managed IT services

With Jolly IT, you’ve nothing to worry about. Leave IT to us, while you concentrate on what matters to you – your business.

Having a fully managed IT service will enable you to achieve your business goals.

What does the contract cover?

We will be responsible for all of your IT infrastructure, by providing telephone and online technical support, scheduled on-site support, network monitoring and maintenance, on top of infrastructure recommendations and strategic advice.

We can also work alongside your existing IT resource, offering the capacity to dip in and out of support and consultation for projects as and when you need us.

98% customer satisfaction with our fully managed IT service

We deliver a consistently high level of service and we’re proud to retain most of our customers – we’re in this for the long haul. The way we look at it, it’s about building a relationship between our company and yours.

There are no surprises that we support over 200 businesses across the UK and we’re always expanding.

Get in touch to discuss IT Support.

  • Fully managed IT support
    With our rolling monthly contracts, you can be assured that there are no lengthy service agreements.
  • Microsoft Certified IT Support
    With Jolly IT, you can expect a high level of installation and maintenance support from a Microsoft Certified Small Business Specialist.Our engineers are Microsoft Certified, meaning that no matter what IT support you need for your business, we can have a fully-qualified, highly-skilled professional with you right when you need it.
  • Proactive maintenance and monitoring
    Support will be provided through monitoring and analysing potential triggers, and planning for improvements in order to reduce potential problems. They will also advise on issues which occur regularly to prevent further downtime we can match your IT to your business goals.
  • Unlimited IT support
    By providing unlimited online and offline support, we ensure that we fix problems efficiently. With immediate support when your IT disrupts your business productivity, Jolly IT will work to resolve and support you to get you back up and running again as quickly as possible.
    We have a small but dedicated and helpful team who get to know the systems you use, to ensure a smooth fix.