Easter- Prepare for the Easter break

Prepare for the Easter break.

Easter is a time for celebration, though many offices miss out on the eggcellent hopper-tunities for staff motivation and team strengthening. Parents are often worried about cover for kids off school. Here we are going to look at how IT can help you in the office this Easter.

Planning for the two weeks

Most schools are off for two weeks, so check these dates out on the office calendar. Think about letting some staff work from home, so they can care for children and still be productive. Doing this builds excellent relationships with your staff. Most companies now have the IT equipment to do this, but do talk to us if you haven’t.

Avoid client deadlines during the Easter dates; then, your staff can concentrate on regular workloads.

Staff treats and Easter eats.

Motivating your staff is easier when they have a full stomach. Why not buy in a bun load of hot-cross buns for a break during the Easter break. Or set up an Easter egg hunt while stocktaking?

Spring clean the IT

Rather than starting new projects while you have some staff away from the office, why not do an IT audit and spring clean? Check all your hardware for wear and tear, apply software updates, and run virus checkers. we did a blog on these, you can read more here. This is also the time to make sure your back-ups are in place and your cloud computing is all working correctly

Renew your IT Contracts

Whilst you are auditing the IT, it is worth checking your IT contracts. Some companies leave arrangements in place for years and don’t bother to check them before renewing. So ask yourself, do they still cover all your equipment? Are you outsourcing most of the tasks? We can help you with both of these jobs.