Microsoft 365 the new name for Office 365

On April the 21st, you will see changes to your Office 365. Here we are going to show you what is in store for us all as we migrate to Microsoft 365.

Office 365 name changes

Most of the Office 365 packages will stay the same. Only the name will change. Starting by replacing the word office with Microsoft.

The package Office 365 Business and Business ProPlus will both become Microsoft 365 Apps for Business.

The cheapest package, Office 365 Business Essentials changes to Microsoft 365 Business Basic.

Office 365 Business Premium becomes Microsoft 365 Business Standard.

Microsoft 365 Business will change to Microsoft 365 Business Premium. This package includes some extra tools for advanced security and device management.

There are no name changes to the Enterprise levels.

New AI tools

MS Word will gain some AI tools to help you with the new Editor. A panel on the right-hand side will offer you guidance on common writing mistakes. Tools for checking plagiarism, and some suggestions for rewriting or rephrasing sentences. Plus, advice on using words for more inclusiveness.

Excel has a Money feature added to it. Many of use remember MS Money and its return as an embedded feature withing Excel is excellent. You will also be able to add your bank accounts for live feed results.

PowerPoint will have more premium templates and video backgrounds. A new presenter coach will also be included for subscribers.

These tools are also going to be available to Personal and Family subscribers too!

New in Microsoft 365 Teams

A change to the video view allowing you to see up to 9 participants, instead of the current 4 are in line this month. Although with competitor Zoom allowing up to 49 video participants on one screen, Microsoft has a long way to go. Security is far superior in Teams, so we recommend using it for file sharing. These are both great tools for working from home.

Microsoft is also extending Teams to the new personal and Family subscription. Along with a family safety app, which allows you to track your loved ones in real-time.

What do you need to do to get Microsoft 365?

Nothing, Nada, zilch, if you have a subscription already. The changes will be made automatically.