Imagine having all your company data together and being able to have it presented in an easy to understand chart or graph. PowerBI is one such way of doing this.

What is PowerBI?

PowerBI or Power Business Intelligence is a powerful tool from the Office 365 Enterprise suite of programs. The program allows you to collate all the company data into simple graphs and charts. These can then be shared across the organisation.

How will it help my business?

As a CEO or being in a managerial position means needing to understand different working parts of the company, from the finance department, sales department,  to the production line and how they affect your bottom line. PowerBI allows your colleagues to present their data into useful interactive visual information. This makes reports from each area of the business easier to understand and shareable. As these reports are in real-time and interactive you will always have the latest results and be able to manipulate the data to show exactly which aspect you need. Making decisions quickly and with all the right information to hand, means a more productive and reactive company.

Desktop and Mobile applications

The program has both desktop and mobile phone versions, meaning you always have the data to hand. Each user can sign in and load their data into the PowerBI program, then highlighting which aspects of the data they want to present and choosing the type of model they wish to present the data. From the familiar pie, or bar charts to donut and spiral charts. Maps and schematics are also available amongst the hundreds of choices.

Other Office products

As part of the Office 365 suite, you can imagine, this means PowerBI will work seamlessly with the other office programs, including Flow, SharePoint, and One Drive.  The Azure cloud services will also work to allow you to share quickly and safely across your organisation.


The application is free with your Office 365 Business Account, though if you would like the enhancement of the Pro version, then either get it free by upgrading to Office 365 Enterprise or for a monthly fee or £7.50. The highest level of Premium PowerBI comes in at £3,766.60 per month.


If you would like to try this out for yourself here is the link to the download.