Is Skype worth the hype?

For most of us, using skype has changed the way we communicate and work remotely. Does it still give us all we need or has other video conferencing platforms killed it off?

Video Conferencing

As a straightforward video call to call, Skype works very well. Newer additions such as messaging and emojis built-in aid communication. You can install the app on your mobile phone so you can call on the go.

Why use video conferencing

As in communication, most of the conversation is lost with just words on a screen. Making a video call where you can see the other person talking in real-time helps you to decipher the meaning behind the words. You can understand the person’s emotion and intonation as they speak. This means far fewer misunderstandings. As you use the internet to call, the call is cost-free so big savings to be made.

Skype tricks

There are a few features you may not know about!


If you are a little hard of hearing, then real-time subtitles can be added to your screen. Here’s how to do it

Screen share

You can share your screen and record in real-time what you are doing. Group sharing is now also free!

Share files

You can literally drag and drop files up to 300MB onto your conversation window to send to all your audience!

Skype Local Number

Working in another country and want a local number for people to call you on? You can apply for a temporary number for lots of countries here


You can set up your Alexa device to call through skype too! Here is how to do that

End to end encryption

WhatsApp does not hold all the cards when it comes to end to end encryption, as Skype also has this feature. Choose private conversation in chat and it will be encrypted for you.


Ever felt you cannot communicate properly with overseas customers? The real-time translation tool along with the subtitle feature can mean you both understand each other. The voice translator currently works for 10 main languages, whilst the text translator can cope with 60 languages!

Bokeh Effects!

Yes, choose background blur for when you just want your audience to focus on you!

Skype For Business

Skype for business is a stand-alone application. You get this with your Office 35 business account. Now you can hold meetings in real-time for up to 250 participants. Share your screens, whiteboard and use polls and Q and A formats to interact with your group. You can easily schedule a meeting through Outlook with any of your team or your business contacts. As it is integrated with the full office 365 suite, you can present with a PowerPoint show, complete with a laser pointer, annotation and highlighting tools.

You get 60 Skype minutes per user per month with your Office 365 subscription, these may be used to call mobile and landline numbers.

As you can see Skype has a few great tricks and must surely mean that you should take another look at it, even if you have moved to another video conferencing app.