VoIP Internet Telephone Systems

Benefits of VoIP from Jolly IT


Complete control

You control all the features using the web portal. Call handling and management are all within your control too. The simple dashboard gives you access to your call history, messaging and the call can be recorded for training and monitoring purposes.

Pay as you use

As this is not a PBX, the initial hardware outlay and maintenance costs are out. You pay on a simple per seat basis, expanding your system at a rate to keep up with your demand and business needs. You only pay for the service you use, no need to wait for engineers to call either.

One number anywhere

This feature means your customers are not digging around looking for which number to use for each department, and even if the recipient of the call is out of the office, calls can be diverted directly to their mobile. One voicemail box allows your staff to call in from anywhere to receive their messages. You can move a call seamlessly from device to device without hanging up on the caller.

Lower cost calls

If you want to reduce costs, the benefit of moving telecoms to VoIP is the reduced cost in setup, maintenance and calls. Enjoy free site to site calls and even mobile to landline and vice versa.


No longer tied to your fixed desk phone, you can make and receive calls on the move and whilst working at home. Callers are not frustrated by out of office messages and staff are able to conduct business more efficiently. This system is ideal for multi sites, with the service controlled centrally, you no longer need multiple telephone systems or numbers.

Choose your numbers

With a VoIP system you can choose your numbers, and no longer tied to geographical ones. If you want a London number, this is possible, no matter where your office is located.


As a cloud-based system, your telephone system will continue to work, even during flood, storms or strikes! You can divert calls quickly and simply to another location if needed.

Your choice of handsets

As the system works with a wide range of handset, from a choice of manufacturers , you are not tied to a single piece of hardware. You may even own compatible handsets already. Do talk to us before purchasing.

Telephone system features

As well as the Call waiting and Caller Id features that we all want and rely on. We also have some more features you may find useful: N-Way Call – conference calling for convenient collaborating. Call Transfer – move a call seamlessly to an external or internal number. Call Park – hold a call, while you transfer to another device. Auto Attendant – call routing with menu options for your caller. A favourite is Anonymous Call Rejection or Selective Call rejection- making those unwanted calls disappear. There are many more features and are open to new ideas, so let us know if you have something to suggest.

Taking control over your phone calls, is one of the reasons Voice over Internet Protocols has become so popular. Reducing costs is another. Tempted but not sure how VoIP could help your company? Talk to us here at Jolly IT and we will explain the advantages of using VoIP as your telephony system.
We can offer you a complete end to end communications service to a range of handsets, both mobile and fixed. The easy to use web portal will allow you control over all your calls. The service has lots of features that you expect with an advanced telephony system, plus a few more tricks up its sleeve.

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